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Winter Wellness Hangout Event Resources

Winter Wellness

Our first ever Winter Wellness Hangout event! 

We created this event with the intention of providing a safe space for current and former youth in care to celebrate holiday festivities together.


Youth-led and organized, with our lived experience, we understand that the holidays can sometimes be challenging for YIC and may uproot some confusing emotions. You are not alone, we hope you enjoyed this more intimate event and were able to connect with your fellow YIC, relax, have fun and gain some wellness reminders. 

Check out the links below from our speakers and presenters for further tips and tools. Thank you, stay safe and healthy ✨


 Featured Speakers 


Van Loc

Designer | Yoga Instructor | Lived Expert | Youth Advocate


Troy Elleston

Spoken Word Artist | RBC, Associate | Lived Expert | Youth Mentor & Advocate

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 8.53.18 PM.png

 Royale Godfrey 

MC | Program Manager, BMO | Lived Expert | Youth Advocate


Aurora Fox

Singer, Rapper, Lyricist, Performer | Lived Expert | Youth Advocate

Image from iOS (12) copy 3.jpg

Christina Loc

Youth Speaker | UX/Digital Product Designer | Lived Expert | Youth Advocate

Tips & Resources Mentioned

Check out these free tools & resources used by our former YIC presenters!

30 Day Yoga Challenge | Yoga with Adrienne | Free yoga follow along videos

Daily meditations & affirmations

Create your safe/peaceful place

How to start journaling:

Spoken-word by Troy!

How to create a vision board:

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